Original Panna Stone for MARS Planet

Panna is a Beautifull precious stone that represents the planet Mercury, The Powerfull effects of Panna Gemstone are most popular , As Per Astrology Its is Said that They say that the wearer of an Panna Stone gets a powerful Sharp mind and Gives a Person fantastic Growth in education Panna is Also a Gemstone for Businessmen and Helps Take Rational Decitions in business Its Very Helpfull in creative fields such as writing. Panna gemstone increases the brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills and speech. Peoples whose Mercury/Buddh is weak in their Horoscope Or Who Have Mercury in Pisces Rashi in their Horoscope Should Definitely wear a Panna. Wearing a Gemms Stone Helps You make your mind sharper.

Benefits of Moonga Gemstone

Moonga is the Gemstone for Planet Mars and is Called by Various Names Such as " Pravalak" , Praval , Bhoumatatan , Mars is the planet of Drive , Boldness , ambition, Vitality, energy, ambition and the Red Coral is worn to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope. As Per Astrology Moonga Gemstone believed to increase energy levels of the wearer Moonga Helps in Boosting confidence and Will Power. Planet Mars is the Karak for Property , Thus Persons Facing Problem in Purchasing a Property or Having Some Property Related Disputes are Best Recommended to wear a Moonga. Moonga Gemstone is Available in Shapes & Sizes like Round shape, Tube Shape and Triangle Shape Moonga.

Top Ten Best Benefits of Moonga Gemstone

  • As Per Astrology Moonga Gemstone believed to increase energy levels of the wearer Moonga Helps in Boosting confidence and Will Power. The red coral also imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It is a great gemstone for boosting self-esteem.
  • As per Astrology This is the Best Gemstone for All Persons Working in Police / Navy /Army or Anyone Working in the Defense Services must wear Moonga ( red Coral) This is Also a Good Gemstone for doctors especially surgeons.
  • Moonga is the Best Gemstone for Persons Born in the Rashi or Ascendant Signs of Aries and Scorpio.
  • For Persons Born in Leo Ascendant, It Gives GreatLuck and Success in Property Dealings.
  • Moonga Gemstone is the Best Gemstone for Protection in Mars Dasa or Antardasa ,
  • Moonga is the best stone for lazy people. It is like source of energy for those who are Lethargic and Not Motivated to work hard thus a Moonga Gemstone wearer become active and sincere about his work.
  • As Per Western Astrology Persons Born in the Month of January are benefited by Wearing Moonga Gemstone.
  • As Per Numerology Persons Born on Date Totaling Number 9 Like 18 or 27 are Under the Influence of Planet Mars are Immensely Benefitted by Wearing Moonga Gemstone.
  • As per Astrology Persons in the Business of Property Construction / Property Brokers are recommended to wear a Moonga Gemstone.
  • Persons who are having a mangal Dosha in their Horoscopes or are Manglic may also wear Red Coral to remove ill-effects of Mangal Dosha.
  • Moonga Gemstone is a Gemstone for Mangalya It Helps in Strengthening Marriage and Gives A long life of the spouse.
  • For good luck, it is believed that Moonga rings should be worn first on a Tuesday, an hour after sunrise.

Dos and Donts while wearing Moonga gemstone

  • Moonga is an Extremely Delicate Stone and Reacts Negatively to Hot Water , Its Best to Avoid Hot water Coming in contact with the Moonga Gemstone .
  • Hot Water Can Badly Damage the Moonga and Can Lead to Cracks..
  • Do Not Exchange your Moonga Gemstone with Other or Do Not Give your Moonga Gemstone to anyone else to wear